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The album's opener "" was written and co-produced by , after the singer-songwriter personally asked Davis if she could make a contribution to the album. Archived from on September 27, 2011. "I Look to You" Giuseppe D. Courtney Blooding —• 5 million copies worldwide, earning platinum in seven countries and gold certification in eight. With on lead vocals, the song debuted and peaked at 74 on the during the week of October 23, 2010. Kelly [ ] "I Look To You" by and from the album Released September 25, 2012 Recorded 2012• However, on July 14, 21 and 23 Houston held 3 pre-release album listening parties in which 9 of the 11 songs where previewed, "Call You Tonight" was described as a possible lead single by mentor. Some of the attendees included , , , , , , , , , , and amongst others. The album preview triggered a standing ovation, and the song Million Dollar Bill was among those that received critical acclaim. " Commercial performance [ ] I Look to You debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200 with sales of 305,000 copies and is Houston's best opening week sales. Onlookers included her mother , musicians , , and as well as actors and. I've been having conversations up inside my head Like I'm taking a vacation from the life I live Praying to hear Your calling Praying for Jesus walking I know that You're the answer to my questioning I know that You're the God that's over everything I feel Your blessing on me It feels like Sunday morning Eyes focused on the sky Head full of reasons why I don't care what other people say I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose Every situation, every second I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose I look to You, I look to You In the valley of the shadow I will have no fear In the moment of my weakness I can feel You here You're always close to me With everything I need I see You lighting up the dark until it disappears I feel You raising up my life into the stratosphere You're always close to me With everything I need Eyes focused on the sky Head full of reasons why I don't care what other people say I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose Every situation, every second I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose I look to You, I look to You The past couple nights been rough, I keep waking up Filled with anxiety and doubt, don't think I'm strong enough They said my prayer was a weapon, that I should dust it off Or maybe every time I took a step I didn't wait for God I don't know, but if I'm weak I know that he is strong He sees it all, the hurt inside of me that keeps me numb And if I keep this unforgiveness how do I move on When it was His Son who took the cross for me where I belong Uh-huh, and I know sometimes I question this path I'm on Or had the grace erased all my past mistakes now I have it all Waited for so long with this pain inside till I finally called Led me where I was and true love is what it reminds me of Never have I felt the peace like only You provide You wanted me, even though You knew You would die Who am I, a heart empty without You inside More beautiful than the bluest sky I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose Every situation, every second I look to You, You In every situation You're the life that I will choose I look to You, I look to You. 简体中文 Chinese Simplified• "" 2007• on February 11, 2012, making this her last living studio release. Tony Maserati — mixing• Archived from on June 6, 2009. Kenny Mason — track 4• The song was covered on the NBC television show , Season 2 Episode 10: Zoey's Extraordinary Girls' Night performed by. Aliaune "" Thiam — music producer tracks 5, 10 , vocals 5• According to Davis, I Look to You was not aimed at simply following current music marketing trends, but instead, staying true to who Houston is and the impact she has made on the music industry. 7th Heaven Radio Edit — 4:10 Commercial performance [ ] The song debuted at No. Polski Polish• Internationally the single experienced some success, including in the United Kingdom where promotion of the Freemasons remix enabled it to peak at number five, her first top 5 hit in a decade. "I Look to You" — 4:25• "" Released: July 23, 2009• It also charted on the at number 16. " The album also contains a cover of the 1970s song, "". Polish Society of The Phonographic Industry. "" 2000• Archived from on January 22, 2010. Please feel free to contact me if you need any further information. Damien Lewis — engineer• The album also debuted at three in France with first week sales of 19,000. Facebook• She adds that "the minimalist production, which features a lone, sullen piano and soft synths, exists purely to cushion Houston's moving vocal performance". "" 2009• — vocal producer, vocal arrangement, music producer track 1• Share• "I Look To You" was performed at 2nd annual Celebration of Gospel gala by Houston together with and gospel choir. On November 22, 2009, Houston performed "I Didn't Know My Own Strength" at the 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, which gave her a standing ovation. Archived from on July 8, 2012. Donnie Lyle — guitar, musical direction• Leveringstid: 2-5 arbejdsdage. New York Chun King, Germano, , , Roc the Mic,• Miki Tsutsumi — assistant• Tagalog Tagalog• Popular video sections on Godtube include; Christian bands and singers in Christian music videos, Christian comedians and comedy skits, spoofs and parodies in funny videos, cute videos featuring kids and animals, sports videos, Christian news videos and inspirational videos. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. In several countries, the album attained gold status within a month of its release. Week three sales spiked to 156,000 following Houston's appearance on. The performance was acclaimed as the best performance of the night. Hollywood• The video, also directed by , features the singer in front of a plain beige and gray backdrop with different angles of her. On February 18, 2012, who wrote "I Look to You" performed the song at Houston's homegoing at New Hope Baptist Church in ,. ] For the most part, I Look to You manages to sound completely contemporary without the use of guest rappers, dumbed-down lyrics, or slang. Angela N. Miami• Chris Gehringer — mastering• "" 1993• "" 2016• ] at the very least, Whitney can still sing, knowing when to wring emotion out of a phrase, knowing when not to push for the glory notes that she can no longer hit. Jody Rosen August 31, 2009. The album is Houston's fourth number one album overall, and the first since 1992. Petridis, Alexis October 15, 2009. She is sitting on an applebox with a spotlight focused on her. Archived from on September 29, 2011. The song was released as the first and only single from the compilation by. She also performed the single live on The X Factor in Italy. "I Look to You" Christian Dio Club Mix — 7:53 UK digital remix EP• "" 2021• Expressions for thanking• Twitter 0 A common problem We often hear how writing emails in English can cost just too much time. Critical reception [ ] Houston said that the powerful piano ballad sums up the album and was all she wanted to say at that stage of her life. It peaked in the top 20 of the US chart, number 70 on the and the top 30 of the Gospel chart. Archived from on February 2, 2013. I look to you I look to you After all my strength is gone In you I can be strong I look to you I look to you yeah And when melodies are gone In you I hear a song I look to you About to lose my breath There's no more fighting left Sinking to rise no more Searching for that open door And every road that I've taken Led to my regret And I don't know if I'm gonna make it Nothing to do but lift my head I look to you I look to you yeah And when all my strength is gone In you I can be strong I look to you I look to you oh, yeah And when melodies are gone In you I hear a song I look to you My love is all broken oh, Lord My walls have come coming down on me Crumbling down on me all the rain is falling The rain is falling hoo! " It was also described as being made for radio. — executive producer,• Thank you once more for your help in this matter. From the album parties said that with the two tracks from the chippy kiss-off "Salute" and the steely title track produced by , and Houston seemed to be aiming for a younger audience and the radio. 's Monica Herrera gave the song a positive review, writing that Houston is "both vulnerable and in control". Clive Davis praised Houston by saying that on songs like "I Look to You" it is not difficult to say she is 'the premium balladeer of our time'. Adam Beyrer — additional instrument recording engineer track 2• She performed songs from the album, including single "Million Dollar Bill" and title song "", as well as previous hits "" and "". The changes that we go through, the transitions that we go through, the tests that we go through, being a mother, becoming a single mother. Bernt Rune Stray — guitar• "" 2004• Houston's cover begins with a slow piano intro, which picks up in the middle. " gave I Look to You three stars out of five commenting about Houston's problems in the past, her voice and her talent: " I Look to You attempts to wash this all away with something of a return to roots—a celebration of Houston's deep disco beginnings, tempered with a few skyscraping ballads designed to showcase her soaring voice. "" 1997• Charlotte Gibson — background vocals track 8• Archived from on February 13, 2010. Radio Edit — 3:47• "" 2010• Jan Fairchild — engineer• John Williams September 23, 2009. Pat Thrall — instrumental recording engineer track 4• Toward the end of the video, a shower of flowers are shown falling all around her. Title Writer s Producer s Length 1. Retrieved De 05 a 11 de Outubro 2009. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Warehouse Mixshow — 5:50• 日本語 Japanese• "" 1996• com the largest video sharing platform offering online Christian videos with faith-based, family friendly content. Houston performed this song at on September 1, 2009. Kelly — 3:39 Chart performance [ ] Chart 2012 Peak position US 90 Release history [ ] Country Release date Format Label Worldwide September 25, 2012 Digital Download United Kingdom November 11, 2012 Accolades [ ] Year Region Award Category Result 2013 United States Outstanding Song Won External links [ ]• Select "Album e Compilation" under "Sezione". her voice may not be as technically impressive as it was, but its new, more weathered tones have character, making an optimistic song like Million Dollar Bill really quite touching and a defiant one like 'For The Lovers' more dramatic. In the UK, the album debuted at three with first week sales of 51,632. Christy Hall — production assistant• Archived from on September 6, 2009. It all had its ups and its downs, but for the most part, I kept my faith and I kept my head up. "" 1994• "" 2011• Tavia Ivey — background vocals tracks 2, 8• Reed, Shaheem July 21, 2009. "" 2008• Radio Mix 3:50 Notes• "" 2013• "I Look to You" was the second single from the album in the United Kingdom, where it was released on December 14, 2009. Select "I Look to You" in the "Filtra" field. Dabling Harward — vocal engineer• Archived from on July 19, 2009. Svenska Swedish• I am putting together a great show and cannot wait to perform the songs from my new album I Look To You along with some of your favourites. Type I Look to You in the "Search BPI Awards" field and then press Enter. "" — 3:24 UK digital single• 7th Heaven Club Mix - 7:55• — photography• Archived from on October 2, 2011. Archived from on February 24, 2012. August 12, 2010, at the Whitney Houston. In the song Houston makes reference to with the lyric, "Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years. "I Look to You" Christian Dio Mixshow — 5:51• "" 2015• Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. The song sold more than 550,000 copies worldwide and has been certified Gold by the RIAA. One of the songs "Salute" was described as being " [with a] marching beat" that also features Kelly on the backing vocals in the chorus. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Warehouse Club Mix — 8:52• Andrew Hey — audio mixing track 11 , vocal recording engineer 2, 4—6, 8—9, 11• "I Look to You" Whitney Houston and R. The service was broadcast and streamed live to a worldwide audience. — recording engineer track 3 , 3, 6 , producer 3, 6• Archived from on April 8, 2010. Dansk Danish• "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Mixshow — 6:06• Amongst those in attendance were , , and. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Club Mix — 9:08• Kaseem "" Dean — music producer, music programming track 1• Retrieved on September 5, 2009. All the triumphs and the ups and downs and stuff, it's all incorporated on the album, and hopefully not only does it inspire me, but inspires a whole lot of other people. Retrieved on September 22, 2009. Archived from on November 6, 2009. 한국어 Korean• " On July 21, 2009, Houston hosted a listening party with Davis in New York City. Following the popularity of the dance remix B-sides appearing on the UK CD release of "Million Dollar Bill", a number of remix were released. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Club Mix — 9:08• Retrieved on September 8, 2009. The song was serviced in the US as the and later as the second international single. Chicago Chocolate Factory• — producer track 4 , mixing 11 , vocal producer 2, 5—6, 8, 11• "" 2006• "Million Dollar Bill" Radio Mix 3:15 3. Jochem van der Saag — synthesizer, recording engineer, drum machine, audio mixing, sound design track 7• According to Arista Records, the album also debuted at number one in the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Lastly, she stated that it "stands firmly in the tradition of her most emotive hits "Greatest Love of All," "I Will Always Love You" and signals the long-awaited return of a true diva". Ann Mincieli — recording engineer track 1• "" 2004• " critic Sal Cinquemani also wrote I Look to You finds Whitney struggling to hit notes and deliver phrases that should come effortlessly to such a seasoned vocalist; her vocal cords are plagued by edema, her voice reedy and lacking the crystalline clarity it once possessed on classics like "" and "". Timothy Snell — stylist• The album also finished the 29th biggest selling album of 2009 in the United States. 86 on the and two weeks later peaked at No. "I Look to You" — 4:25 German double A-side single• "" Released: August 18, 2009 I Look to You is the seventh and final by American singer. Rumor of Houston's return to music were first circulated at the start of 2007 and were then substantiated when record label boss and close mentor confirmed that he would personally be involved in the project whilst speaking on. Track listing [ ] Digital download• " Kelly's other contribution, "" became the album's title song, and was released as the album's debut single. If necessary, click Advanced , then click Format , then select Album , then click SEARCH. The song is covered by on his fourth album, , which was released on 2011. vocal producer• It had initially been tipped as a single. Most reviews praised the selection of songs and Houston's delivery. Archived from on June 27, 2009. "I Look to You" Christian Dio Radio Mix 4:00 8. The episode aired on April 18, 2021. Also released in the UK and US. "" 2019• Another song, "Nothin' But Love" was sent to UK radio stations as a promotional single to coincide with the. In total nine songs were premiered including "Million Dollar Bill", "Nothin' But Love", "I Didn't Know My Own Strength", "Like I Never Left" featuring Akon , "For the Lovers", "", "Worth It," and a cover of Leon Russell's "A Song for You". "I Look to You" Giuseppe D. Leveranstid: 1-3 arbetsdagar. Drop me a line if I can do anything else for you. ] The New Voice lives more contently in the midtempo numbers that allow her to sink into the grooves. Houston sang "I Look To You" at German television where she performed this song with great reviews. 2 the week of October 3, 2009. "I Look to You" Giuseppe D. Again the album was played almost in its entirety, receiving a standing ovation. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Radio Mix — 3:52• As you read through them ask yourself two simple questions: 1. "I Smile" 2012• Miguel Scott — assistant• Nick Fainbarg — engineer• — vocal producer• Thank you for your help. This was followed by the final remix EP being released on November 6, 2009, called "I Didn't Know My Own Strength Remixes", which was released in the US and UK. "" 1972• magazine's Mark Surtherland wrote "The overall feel of the album was notably contemporary, while retaining Houston's trademark vocal flourishes. "" 2018• Ian Mereness — instrumental recording engineer track 11• "" 2012• Tree Sound• "" 2007• Club Mix — 7:39• "I Look to You" Christian Dio Radio Mix — 4:01• "A Song for You" is a cover of the original song by. co-producer• chronology 2007 I Look to You 2009 2012 from I Look to You• Whatever hardship she's endured, the battles within remain a mystery. Main article: Houston's performance on 's 'Fall Concerts' series on the American television broadcast network aired on September 2, 2009. The song was covered on the television show during the second-season episode. San Francisco Soapbox West• To help you find the right words when you need them here are 20 great expressions for closing an email. On October 18, Houston performed the same song live on , marking her first UK performance in over a decade. "I Look to You" Johnny Vicious Club Radio Mix 3:52 5. Italiano Italian• In Canada, the album shot to the top of the charts, selling 30,000 copies in its first week according to Nielsen SoundScan data, Houston's best opening totals since began tracking sales in 1991. Houston's rocky decade isn't ignored, but it isn't explored, either: songs allude to Whitney's strength, her willpower as a survivor struggling through some unnamed struggle — enough for listeners to fill in the blanks, either with their own experience or their imaginings of Houston's life. Internationally the song peaked at number 38 and number 44 in Ireland and the United Kingdom respectively following its performance by , one of the finalists on of. In Korea the album reached number one on the monthly chart and sold 12,429 copies. Select albums in the Format field.
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